A New Normal Settles In For
Pacific Northwest Builders
…and Michael Cady is on hand to help.
If you want a glimpse at the Next Normal in sustainable building, you might want to speak with Michael Cady. Cady is a Seattle-based sales rep for Service Partners, the nation-wide vendor of insulation products and other building materials. That includes virtually any type of insulation that can go into a commercial or residential structure.

An industry veteran, Cady services clients in the retail, commercial, residential, retro, and pest control markets. “I have my fingers in a little bit of everything,” he told us. “Retro has been big lately, but now new construction is popping like you wouldn’t believe in this neck of the woods.” For now, that ‘pop’ is heavy on residential. “This fall, commercial is going to be the big one,” he predicts.
Cady believes there are a couple trends worth watching. “We’re seeing a switch to foam,” he declared. “Even during the downturn, foam has done nothing but grow up here in anything other than basic tract.” Service Partners stocks the BASF line, and supplies a variety of delivery systems.

Contractors new to foam often start out with Touch ‘n Seal’s CPDS portable dispensing system. “We sell that little machine with the idea, ‘Let’s see if this will work for you – if you can keep it busy.’ It’s a good little machine, and you’re not out a ton of money. And when it does work out, they can step up to a bigger machine and we’ll buy the CPDS unit back,” said Cody. Some of his clients, however, elect to keep the small unit for jobs where a spray foam trailer isn’t a good fit.

The other trend for the Next Normal is related. End-users aren’t simply interested in the minimal insulation performance, they’re looking for some genuine long-term energy savings. An experienced sales rep like Cody has proven to be a big help. “In this day and age, we’re really seeing an interest in customer service as opposed to the days when it was just the cheapest price,“ he said. “The price has got to be there, but we really focus on how well we can take care of our customers.”
To learn more, contact Michael Cady at mcady@service-partners.com




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