A Steel "Shake" roofing system

DECRA Shake XD is a direct-to-deck stone coated steel roofing system that emulates the classic look of a thick, rustic, handsplit wood shakes while providing the long life and durability of steel. It's available in two blended colors, Antique Chestnut and Pinnacle Grey. The product features a unique hidden fastening system that allows it to be installed directly to the deck. DECRA Shake XD uses only 23.4 pieces per square for quick, easy installation without the need for special tools. 
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 A recycled alternative to slate roof tiles

Who says going green involves making sacrifices? The look of EcoStar's Majestic Slate is nearly indistinguishable from the appearance of traditional slate. But Majestic Slate is made from 80% recycled rubber and plastics, and weighs about half as much.

In fact, the look-alike outperforms the original material in several important ways. Majestic Slate tiles are half the weight of traditional slate, yet field testing indicates that they perform better under harsh wind and rain. Unlike genuine slate, Majestic Slate does not require a reinforced roof deck. And at the end of the job, there will be little or no waste heading for the landfill.

“EcoStar tiles offer a 50-year warranty, meet stringent code requirements and have Class A and Class C approvals,” explained EcoStar Regional Manager Charlie Taft. “The product is also completely recyclable at the end of its usable life.”

Available in five unique profiles and nine distinctive colors, EcoStar tiles are able to create the same distinctive color variations that are common in traditional slate roofing. The Majestic Slate Traditional and Designer Series tiles offer the design versatility to be installed alone or in combination with one another to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind look. Because they're sourced from recycled material, EcoStar tiles contribute credits towards LEED certification.

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Over the top solutions in sustainable roofing

Cool Roof options are looking better than ever

We've all grown pretty tired of hearing Kermit the Frog's refrain that “It's not easy being green.” But until recently that song probably hit a little too close to home for Ray Rosewall. Ray's company, DaVinci Roofscapes, has just introduced the new EcoBlend series of synthetic slate and shake roofing. The product series was evaluated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, which found that the products meet or exceed initial ENERGY STAR program requirements for 25 percent solar reflectivity and qualify for LEED-NC 7.2 Heat Island Effect credit. A Cool Roof will reduce energy costs by 7 to 15 percent.

It's been a long but worthwhile process. “We started working with our pigment suppliers about 2 years ago, looking for IR reflective pigments that we could blend with our current formula,” he described. “We didn't want to change our base formula, and possibly lose the color durability we have in our base product. We spent a lot of time trying out different formulas to find the right blend of pigments, and we performed quite a bit of accelerated weathering and other tests to be sure that we still had the same color stability we have with our base product.” Because Roofscape products are made from virgin resins, formulaters could work from a neutral color base to start with – unlike a recycled rubber, which starts out black.

Achieving the Cool Roof status is just the start. DaVinci also wants to earn the ENERGY STAR label, but that will involve another 3 years of weathering tests that must occur outdoors, and there's no way to accelerate that under the regulations. “This process has not been trivial in terms of time or money, but we felt that the time had come, and we felt we had the best shot of any synthetic manufacturer out there to deliver a Cool Roof product,” said Rosewall.

“As consumers become better educated, that's in our favor,” Ray believes. “People need to look up at their roof and see an opportunity to save on energy costs and contribute to reducing global warming.”

Depending on the grade of slate, DaVinci's value-priced Valore line will probably sell for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of real slate. But the real savings happen with replacement roofs. “If the homeowners didn't have a slate roof to start with, they won't have to beef up the structure to take 1,200 pounds per square,” Rosewall points out.

The EcoBlend colors – Castle Gray and Weathered Gray – are available for any of DaVinci's roofing products.

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Radiant Barrier Panel

You might call it the ‘slap on the head factor,' because some product innovations seem like such an obvious idea that you wonder why someone hadn't thought of it before. That's definitely the case with the Therma-Deck Radiant Barrier from Billy Ellis Roofing.

The product is composed of a 1 inch thick solid polystyrene panel with a reflective aluminum facing that points upward, towards the decking. The foam panel mounts to the truss beams, but it drops to form a 1 inch air channel below the roof deck for venting of excess heat and moisture. Additional venting through the soffit can then carry the excess heat away from both the attic and the roof deck itself.

“When we work a Builder Show, we'll do an A-B demo,” says Brenton Mastronardi, Operations Manager at Billy Ellis. “We'll set up heat lamps at close range on two sides of two different roofs, and we set a sensor underneath each one to measure the effect. You'll get a surface temperature reading of 160 degrees on each. One roof has a composite deck, and the temperature reads about 130 degrees beneath. With the Therma-Deck roof, the temperature underneath is about 86-87 degrees, which is about ambient temperature.”

Therma-Deck is currently being tested at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “We envision seeing it on a mass scale,” says Mastronardi, “specifically for the application of green-compliant building.”

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